Salon and Business

Natural Hair Care Salon and Business Management.

There is no business like the Natural Hair Care Salons Business. This course is design to educate and develop the skill sets needed for entrepreneurs with limited skills, knowledge and experience in the field of Natural Hair Care. B-ty Institute understand the power of knowing and we are honor to present the opportunities to help individuals laid out the roadmap needed to succeed in this highly competitive world of Natural Hair Care. This course is perfect for people who may or may not own a salon but have the desire to gain insight knowledge of the tricks and trade which will paved a more successful path as an entrepreneurs.

* Understanding the different between Cosmetology and Natural Hair Care Salons
* Natural Hair Care Salons and Business Management

  • Business plans
  • Knowing Your Notch and Value
  • Consulting
  • Branding
  • Designs and Concepts
  • Building Client Trust
  • Staffing and Hiring
  • Tax and Payroll
  • Pricing
  • Building your Portfolio
  • Negotiating Contacts
  • Building Business Credits
  • And much more…

CLASSES SCHEDULE: Please contact school for class schedule and information

(Tuition and Fees are approximate due for the Entrepreneurship and Business Development Crash Course and students are charge on a minimum of 12 hours rate per day enrollment)

  • Application and Registration Fees — $175
  • Tuition (15 hours, 3 day class minimum) — $3,675
  • Supplies kit:
    • (supplies price may vary according to the needs of the course and it is for the students to keep)
  • Total Approximate Cost (not including supplies) — $3,850