Why B-TY Institute?

Why B-TY Institute?

Why B-ty Institute?
The beauty industry is like a blank canvas, in which great talent and creativity in limitless. Natural Hair Care is one of the fastest growing and fascinating fields to partake in. It is here at B-ty Institute where you will discover the art of natural hair care!

Keep in mind, where you decide to obtain education has a direct correlation with box-braidyour foundation, success and legacy in the Natural Hair Care Industry. It’s important that when choose a school for Natural hair care, chose one that specializes EXCLUSIVELY in the field. An institution that no only understands the needs of each student, but takes an individualized approach to the art, education and life style.

B-ty Institute was established to cater to the ever so busy lifestyles, schedules and often changing priorities of the working class adult. With the option to attend day or evening classes, student living/room and board programs (for long distance and/or out of States students), financial assistance and scholarship programs, B-ty Institute is the perfect choice for you!

The ability to learn in an environment that is not only fun but welcomes creativity to flow freely; are just a few reasons why B-ty Institute excels higher than the rest. Read on and discover what will propel you forward in the natural hair care industry through B-ty Institute.

Old School, New Knowledge
Back in the good old days when your elders use to cook without measuring any of the ingredients? After the meal was ready to eat, it taste was undeniably good. Without recipe, you some how found yourself cooking the same way or better. Hmm… That’s because cooking is an art like Natural Hair Care, which can be taught by sight and through consistence. “Show me correctly, I will remember and duplicate it correctly.”

Collaboration, Creativity and Hands-on Learning
You can get a basic education anywhere, but you’re probably researching B-ty Institute because you want more. Inside the walls of our Institution you will find dynamic classes with creative students and faculty ready to work hand-in-hand. Clean your hands, Open your mind and allow the artist in you to be unleashed from day one!

Make Your Mark, Who Know You by Talent
Students will learn to be unique through the work of their hands. They will be taught how to leave their signature and mark as the artist they wish to be in the Natural Hair Care industry.

Day or Evening
There’s a reason B-ty Institute can innovate programs quicker, explore ideas faster and develop opportunities more efficiently, all while still connecting with students personally: Our day and evening classes allows students to learn in a stress free environment.

Location Means Everything
B-ty Institute understands the importance of location, that’s why we are conveniently located in the heart of Wake County. Less than five miles from down town Raleigh/Cary, NC, two miles from NC State University and major highways I440 and 40W, B-ty Institute gives student’s access to Amtrak, bus line, shopping centers, malls and much, much more!

Have No Limit
While we love B-ty Institute, our community reach is a point of pride. We want you to get out and explore the horizon. Go research and learn somewhere and experience life from a different perspective—and we will help guide you. As part of B-ty Institute mission we have developed our programs to guide your ability to research and discover the unknown. Motivation could be your only limitation!

Student Life That Gets You Involved
With multiple clubs and organizations at the student living resort to enhance your experience, “I’m bored” will likely not be a phrase that comes to mind. Enjoy civic engagement opportunities,recreational sports, resort-style pools, fitness center,furnished room and board, awareness programs and more, it’s no wonder that the folks in Student Affairs always seem so busy. Take a sneak peek http://www.vieatraleigh.com/index.php

Scholarships and Financial Assistance
Tuition is always a factor when choosing an Institution. With the cost of education increasing, we work with qualified individuals to help alleviate the stress of paying for school. B-ty Institute is not as far away as you may think.

We hope that the information provided has presented you with clarity on B-ty Institute. Not only who we are and what we do…but also why you belong! We would love for you to add to our B-ty Family.

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