Why B-TY Institute?

Why B-TY Institute?

Why B-ty Institute?

The beauty industry is a canvas of endless possibilities, where great talent and creativity can flourish. Natural Hair Care is a rapidly expanding and captivating field to be a part of. At B-ty Institute, you will uncover the artistry and industry insights of Natural Hair Care.

When considering where to receive your education in Natural Hair Care, remember that the institution you choose will greatly impact box-braidyour foundation, When considering where to receive your education in Natural Hair Care, remember that the institution you choose will greatly impact your foundation, success, and legacy in the industry. It is essential to select a school that specializes exclusively in Natural Hair Care, one that not only comprehends the needs of each student, but also adopts a personalized approach to the art, education, and lifestyle of the field.

B-ty Institute was founded to accommodate the busy schedules and ever-changing priorities of working adults. With the convenience of attending classes only two days a week, the flexibility of online theory classes, student living/room and board programs (for long distance and/or out-of-state students), financial assistance, and scholarship programs, B-ty Institute is the ideal choice for those seeking to advance their education in Natural Hair Care.

The opportunity to learn in an environment that is not only enjoyable but also fosters the free flow of creativity is just one of the many reasons why B-ty Institute stands out above the rest. Discover how B-ty Institute can propel you forward in the Natural Hair Care industry.

Old School, New Knowledge

Remember the days when your elders used to cook without measuring any ingredients? The meal always turned out delicious, and somehow, you found yourself cooking the same way or even better. This is because, like Natural Hair Care, cooking is an art that can be taught through observation and consistent practice. As the saying goes, “Show me correctly, and I will remember and replicate it correctly.”

Be Your Own Boss

At B-ty Institute, we not only provide the necessary training for students to obtain the appropriate licensure required by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiner, but it is also our top priority to educate each student by imparting a deep understanding and hidden trade secrets. This helps to shape their minds and build their confidence as future leaders and entrepreneurs who will pave the way for the next generation in the Natural Hair Care industry.

“Don’t Stop Me, I’m Chasing My Dreams.”

                                               ~Grace Dunbar, Educator

The Transformation

This quote rings true, as it takes great courage to strive for self-improvement and reach the next level of one’s aspirations. At B-ty Institute, our staff believes that everyone is born with unique talents. Some people may naturally discover their talents, while others may need guidance to find their path and unlock a new level of potential.

B-ty Institute stands out as the premier choice because of our expertise in transformations. Our educational platform is designed to take students from a limited perspective and transform them into individuals with boundless potential, who are able to view the world with endless possibilities.

If you’re tired of seeing the world from a limited perspective, it’s time for you to join the ranks of future leaders at B-ty Institute, your new cocoon. Allow us to guide and educate you, helping you to unfold into the butterfly you were meant to be.

Collaboration, Creativity and Hands-On Learning

You can receive basic education anywhere, but if you’re researching B-ty Institute, it’s likely because you’re looking for something more. Within our institution, you’ll find dynamic classes with creative students and faculty eager to collaborate. Clean your hands, open your mind and allow your inner artist to be unleashed from the very first day!

Flexible Hours and Expand Your knowledge With Online Learning

In today’s rapidly advancing world, technology plays a crucial role. Our online classes provide students with the hours and flexibility required to achieve academic success in theory and research. With knowledge at your fingertips, the only limitation is yourself. At B-ty Institute, we recognize that limitations are not an option and the sky is just the starting point for an endless world of discovery in the art of Natural Hair Care.

Make Your Mark, Who Know You by Talent

At B-ty Institute, students will learn to embrace their individuality and leave their mark as unique artists in the field of Natural Hair Care through the hands-on work and training. They will be taught how to create their own signature and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Only Two Day’s Per Week Classes

B-ty Institute is able to innovate programs swiftly, explore ideas rapidly, and create opportunities efficiently, all while maintaining a personal connection with students. We understand that many working adults have at least two days off per week, so we decided to use those days to our students’ advantage. With only two days of classes per week, busy working adults, mothers, wives, and determined students can easily balance their daily responsibilities in a stress-free environment while achieving their goals. Why should anyone’s life fall apart while pursuing higher education for a better future? B-ty Institute is dedicated to preventing such a tragedy.

Location Means Everything

At B-ty Institute, we recognize the significance of location, which is why we are situated in the heart of Wake County. Just a short distance from downtown Raleigh and Cary, two miles from NC State University, and easily accessible from major highways I-440 and I-40W, B-ty Institute offers students the convenience of proximity to Amtrak, bus lines, shopping centers, and more.

Have No Limit

At B-ty Institute, we are proud of our community outreach and encourage our students to explore beyond our walls. We want you to discover new perspectives and experiences, and we will guide you in your journey. As part of our mission, we have designed our programs to foster the ability to research and discover the unknown. Lack of ambition should not be a hindrance to our students’ growth.

Student Life That Gets You Involved

At the student living resort, boredom is unlikely to be an issue with the variety of clubs and organizations available to enhance your experience. You’ll have access to opportunities for civic engagement, recreational sports, resort-style pools, a fitness center, furnished room and board, and various awareness programs, among other activities. It’s no wonder the Student Affairs team is always bustling with activity. To get a glimpse of what the resort has to offer, visit the website at http://www.vieatraleigh.com/index.php

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Tuition is a significant consideration when choosing an institution. With the rising cost of education, we work with qualified individuals to alleviate the financial stress of paying for school. At B-ty Institute, the cost may be more affordable than you think.

We hope the information provided has given you a clear understanding of what B-ty Institute is all about – not only who we are and what we do, but also how you fit in. We would be thrilled to welcome you as a member of the B-ty Institute family.

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