Additional Hours Require course

Additional Hours Require:

Course for students or candidates who have failed State Board or have an expired license. This course helps students who maybe behind and need to obtain these extra hours. This course requires a minimum 40 of hours according to the North Carolina Board of cosmetic art of examiner. This course is five days long and it is thought eight hours each day.

  • Focus on areas on which the student may need improvement.
  • Address Student lacking abilities that the student may need to developed.

Note: Additional Hours course are offered during the trimester schedule programs for the Natural Hair Care Stylist Program. Students in need of these hours must contact Administration Office to setup their class schedule.

Tuition and Fees are approximate due to Natural Hair Care additional hours require classes and students are charge on a minimum of 8 hours rate per day for 5 days enrollment. B-ty Institute repeat students will have the first 40 hours of class free. However if such student fails the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art of examiner, the student will be charged for any additional hours.

  • Application and Registration Fees (New student) — $50
  • Application and Registration Fees (Repeat student) — $0
  • Tuition — $720
  • Supplies kit (student should already have their supplied kits— $0
  • Total Approximate Cost (new students) — $770
  • Total Approximate Cost (repeat students) — $720

*** Tuition for this class must be paid in full before the stare date of the class.

Tuition Payment Options

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