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Our Focus Of Study

FOCUS OF STUDY: As a Natural Hair Care institution we dedicate our focus on the art of Natural Hair Care. Our Program is designed for students of interest with no or limited experience in the field of Natural Hair care and who are determining to discover their skill and passions through the art of Natural Hair Care while accomplishing awarding certified and licensed as professional Natural Hair care specialists.

B-ty Institute Mission (statement)
B-ty Institute mission is to provide high-quality learning opportunities that promote student success in an ever-changing global environment. The Institute seeks to encourage life-long learning and enhance the quality of life in the communities it serves by maintaining an open-door admissions policy and providing a comprehensive array of learning, service, and life experiences that will motivate and challenge students while discovering the art of Natural Hair Care to their full potentials.

We hope this helps give you some clarity on B-ty Institute. We are proud of what we offer students and would love to see you as part of our B-ty Family.

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