Student Welcome Message

B-ty Institute welcomes you with great pride!We’re glad that you have chosen to join the growing field of the Natural Hair Care. You are joining the ranks of leaders who have become successful employees, business owners, teachers, and entrepreneurs leading rewarding and satisfying lives. At B-ty Institute, we are looking forward to being a part of your success stories as you journey into your exciting careers in the field of Natural Hair Care. As a personal and professional investment, the rewarding aspects of B-ty will come as a result of the efforts and hard work you devote into this endeavor.

Due to the level of time and energy expended, B-ty Institute seeks serious individuals interested in thriving careers in natural hair care. The emphasis is on ‘caring’, where B-ty Institute models this value by caring about your success. Therefore, we encourage each individual to identify, access, and channel their unique talent and passion into thriving careers. To assist you with actualizing your passion into a career of lifelong success, B-ty Institute integrates mentorship into management practices. The philosophy of management is built on mutual respect, mentorship, and sharing of passion (and ideas) for helping to bring visions to life.

B-ty Institute promotes diversity and inclusion. Cultural, gender identity, religious and spiritual beliefs, and ethnic differences are celebrated. With this premise, we believe diversity and inclusion enhances the learning environment and experiences of both students and instructors. With varied beliefs and ideas, each individual has the potential for helping to develop artistic and intellectual expression. Professionalism and courtesy is appreciated. We also encourage you to have fun during the exploration and discovery of the art of Natural Hair Care.

B-ty Institute is a privately owned and operated. Now that you have enrolled, we are confident that you have a sincere and serious educational purpose. Therefore, participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, polite and courteous manner. B-ty Institute believes that student life should be both productive and enjoyable. As such, we encourage and foster an environment that you can enjoy while learning, exploring, and discovering the art of Natural Hair Care.

The purpose of B-ty Institute is intellectual, career, and social development through education, commitment and pride. If you do the same, your time spent at B-ty Institute will not only be enjoyable but rewarding. It is an honor to be your institution of choice to take your first steps toward achieving your goals of educational success, career development, and social growth.