Student Welcome Message

At B-ty Institute, we are honored that you have chosen to embark on the exciting journey of the natural hair care industry with us. You are joining a community of successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders who have built rewarding and fulfilling careers. We look forward to being a part of your own success story as you navigate the field of natural hair care.

We understand that pursuing a career in natural hair care requires dedication, hard work and time. Therefore, we are seeking individuals who are truly passionate and serious about thriving in this field. At B-ty Institute, we are committed to your success and will provide mentorship, guidance and support to help you channel your unique talents and passions into a successful career.

We value diversity and inclusion at B-ty Institute and celebrate cultural, gender identity, religious and spiritual beliefs, and ethnic differences. This diversity enhances the learning experience for both students and instructors, and allows for the expression of unique artistic and intellectual ideas. We encourage professionalism and courtesy and believe that the learning experience should be both productive and enjoyable.

B-ty Institute is a privately owned and operated institution and we expect our students to conduct themselves in a professional, polite and courteous manner. Our purpose is to promote intellectual, career and social development through education, commitment and pride. We are confident that by taking this step, your time at B-ty Institute will be not only enjoyable, but also rewarding and fulfilling.