Creative Enhancement

Can you imagine a world without creativity? At B-ty Institute creativity is the platform of which drives us to discover our most artistic and creative hidden talents

This course is for individuals who may or may not have a Natural Hair Care License but want to enhance or improve on different skills and/or techniques of the Natural Hair Care field. The Creative Enhancement course is designs according to each the student’s skills level, styles of learning and what they want to learn. This class included but not limited to the following lesson plan:

Parting and sectioning the hair to braids faster
Techniques in all areas of:

CLASSES SCHEDULE: Please contact school for class schedule and information

Tuition and Fees are approximate due to Natural Hair Care Creative Enhancement Class and students are charge on a minimum of four hours per day and three days minimum rate per enrollment. Each enrollment can only focus on one of the category at a time (i.e. Braiding, Weaving, Twist, Hair Locking and etc).

  • Application and Registration Fees — $175
    • Repeat StudentĀ Application and Registration Fees — $0
  • Tuition (3 days, 5 hour per day class) — $3,675
    • Repeat Student Tuition (3 days, 5 hour per day class) — $2,675
  • Supplies kit starting at (depending on the supplies required)— $ 299
    • New Applicants Approximate Total Cost — $4,149
    • Repeat Student Applicants Approximate Total Cost (without supplies) — $3,675
  • NOTE:Each Creativity Enhancement class schedules are customized accordingly to theĀ student’s needs.

Tuition Payment Options