Natural Hair Care Program

B-ty Institute Natural Hair Care program is designed to prepare students to enter the fields of Natural Hair Care profession after completing and passing both written and practical examination by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners and receive their N.C. Natural Hair Care Specialist license. During the next three months students will embark on an exciting educational experience that will lead them to a very rewarding career in the Natural Hair Care industry.

The program length of time is minimum 336 hours total, which total is three and a half months . It will be thought four days per week, Monday thru Friday and each class will last at least six hours per day. Students will have the option to choose a Day and Evening classes. The program is designed to prepare students for the industry while obtaining their license

Natural Hair Care Program

  • Intro Sanitation and Natural Hair Care
  • Design Principles of Natural Hair Care
  • Advanced Design Principles of Natural Hair Care
  • Natural Hair Care Business 101 (NHC-BUS)

(Tuition, supplies kit and /or Room and Board cost are due prior to the date of each trimester orientation but the enrollment application and registration fees are due before the processing of the application). Failure to submit the enrollment applications will result in delay and/or termination of the application.

  • Enrollment Application and Registration Fees — $200
  • Tuition — $5,965
  • Supplies kit — $1,833
  • Room and Board (R&B) — $3,500 (optional)
  • Total Approximate Cost — $7,998
  • Total Approximate Cost with Room and Board — $11,298
    • (The Room and Board lease terms is for minimum of five months and it is highly recommended for out of state and international students ONLY.

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